5 easy ways to spruce up your place without breaking the bank

by Theresa Pham

How many times have you thought about freshening things up around your house but the change just seem so daunting and or costly? Then just like that you fall back to the way things are and 10 years slip by and nothing has changed - still the same discontent and complaints. I know the feeling and I’ve got you covered! I’ve been thru it all and have found some ideas to help improve your home. Two things I found to be a roadblock when I first got into home improvement:

  1. Cost: You want nice decoration but you can’t afford to spend an arm and a leg. And why should you?
  2. Lack of ideas: You’re not sure where to start or what to do.

Lucky for you, I’ve got just the trick! Here are 5 easy ways to spruce up your place without breaking the bank:

  1. Stenciling - I don’t know about y’all but I feel uneasy and uninspired seeing an empty white wall. The bigger the wall the more anxiety I have with pressure to fill that empty space. Fortunately, I find Stenciling to be a great solution! It’s a cost effective alternative to wall papers and can easily take a space from drab to fab! If you’re looking to stencil around the kitchen/dining area, consider patterns with food/fruit items or something relating to that space. It will create a more cohesive look and flow. 

  2. add wall decals/stickers. Similar to stenciling this is another great alternative to wall paper and it’s a lot of fun to use. It adds charming details while filling in the empty spaces on walls and nooks. Most of the times, these decals come with instructions for how to create the exact look you see - they’re numbered in the order that you’re supposed to apply each stickers/decal. And it’s as easy to remove as it is to stick on. So, if you’re selling you’re house and the new owner doesn’t like it you can remove by simply peeling them off the wall. 

  3. Repurpose old items like furnitures, hardwares, light fixtures and use them for something else. For this one you can get as creative as turning a headboard into a buffet console or convert a baby changing table to a dresser drawer. Or you can keep it simple with just a change of paint color to freshen up outdated piece of furniture!

  4. Repaint. Sometimes just a fresh coat of paint in a modern chic color can change the entire ambiance. Take a risk and paint one wall a bright color. Use paint tape to create borders or stripes or even various shapes and patterns on your wall. Paint is the easiest thing to fix; if you don’t like what you’ve done, paint over it with a neutral tone again!
  5. Good ol DIY! Create your own art canvas. Buy a blank white canvas. Take some old paints that you already have or if you don’t have them readily available grab some paint samples from Lowe’s or Home Depot (about $3 a color sample container). For a cohesive look, choose two main colors. From these two color you can mix them to create your third and even a fourth color by changing up the ratio of each paint. Start by splashing the first color all over the canvas. Then go nuts with the second color. then, the third and so on and so fourth. Have fun with it and you’d be surprise how wonderful it will turn out. If you have children, this will be a fun project to have them get involved in! The final result will not only be inexpensive but also a memorable keepsake.

Whatever look you’re going for, try out a few of these tips and you’d be surprise how far your money and creativity can take you. If you have any hacks or tricks you’ve encounter please share in the comment! Or if you would like me to cover a topic that you’re interested in drop me a message in the comment below! Thanks for tuning in and feel free to subscribe for more fun topics to come!